Our Methods, Systems and Approach

We make use of every tool and process provided by Nature as a way toward self-balance and self -healing. 

A big part of our Natural Therapy practice revolves around the therapeutic dimensions of the paths of Yoga (Ayurveda) and Tai Chi Chuan, and these are further expanded by the use of Herbal (Botanical) and Homeopathic remedies, Bodywork, work with the breath (Pranayama), nutrition and fasting, hydrotherapy - the specifics of how we apply these particular therapeutic tools and other specialised techniques are beyond the scope of this short introduction. 

In our practice, all these are guided  - shaped - by a loose theoretical framework which is roughly outlined below. 

Our most important tool is personal contact, experienced within the context of a therapeutic relationship; we value this as the most potent and intense part of our work,  and so we construct our Natural Therapy practice with the personal /therapeutic relationship as an  integral  - sine qua non - element of the service we offer. 
We approach the building of this therapeutic relationship guided by the priciples of the anti -authoritarian movement as applied to radical therapy, meaning that we participate in the relationship so as to erase and overcome patterns of authoritarian conditioning both for the person in our care and also within our own selves. 

We are fully cognisant of the limits of how much can be achieved by individual therapy, and of how much this needs to be supplemented by a re-structuring of social realities (political and social change being higher forms of therapy). 

We approach the personal process openly, especially when our therapy work is aimed at personal changes which can only be achieved by a long -term, many -years long involvement. This means that we are open to changes of our own selves as well, respecting the therapeutic relationship as a source of experiences through which we - the "know- it- all therapists" - also will mature and grow emotionally. 

In our Natural Therapy practice we make use of as many methods, materials and supplies as possible. 
Our approach is holistic, meaning that the choices and applications of therapeutic methods and materials must be guided by a broader understanding of each person's personal life, emotional, mental and physical realities, placed within the context of one's lifestyle, professional life, love life, family life, and spiritual life. 

Given the multifaceted nature of Reality, and the many ways in which a systematic knowledge of the Universe can be structured, we donít adhere  dogmatically to any one particular Cosmology to guide our work; we embrace many and various paths of knowledge,  utilising what works best for the needs of each person in our care, as well as for our own personal and spiritual growth. 

We feel it's perfectly fine to use Chemistry to understand a drug, to use Physiology to influence an organ system with herbs, and an Ayurvedic analysis to understand an energy pattern.

We value the knowledge of Anatomy to orient us in Bodywork, and we value the knowledge of energy meridians to guide us in making more effective and higher quality therapeutic use of Bodywork. 

We affirm all the findings of establishment science (we embrace the appropriate use of life- saving medical technology and we reject unnecessary interventions and we - think we can - tell the difference). 

At the same time we respect and we utilise the traditional, spiritually -informed  Sciences, which have addressed Humanity's healthcare needs for millenia, especially in the triune shape which seems to be slowly becoming in this recent decade a "globally- owned" Natural Therapy culture: Traditional Chinese Medical theory; Western Alchemy Elemental (Humors) theory; Ayurvedic (Samkhia - "Hindu") Cosmology. 

A careful and balanced application of each thought -system and body of knowledge for each circumstance, gives us the abilty to be flexible and to provide therapeutic care of  many different qualities.

All is One!


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