"How much do you charge?"

The honest answer to that question is : "nothing!" 
We work as volunteers, and the services we provide are on a non-profit, non-commercial basis. 
We donít charge anything for our services. We do ask, however, for help of all sorts, and thereís more about that, below. 

People who appreciate what we do provide us with donations of money, food, clothes, supplies, access to facilities, spaces, access to means and ways which enable us to continue to provide natural healthcare in the best way possible. 
We are very grateful for the material help we receive from all of our benefactors: besides fulfilling some of our own needs (our physical, personal, social needs), the support we receive also goes to the care of others in need, who have little or no income. 

We feel that the practice of Natural Therapy can only be effective if it exists and operates outside of the profit-system, as a natural part of the political- economy of the alternative and radical community, within a global and local network of people and organizations based on mutual support, cooperation, exchange of goods and services, and a commitment to serve the higher principles and values involved in the efforts for the Spiritual and Political Liberation of all of humanity. 

We believe that the kind of healthcare provided from within the profit system, ultimately leads healthcare providers  - even the ones with the very best intentions - to treatments and procedures which promote the exploitation of death and illness by the large corporations and governments, driven by the imperative to maximize profits and to increase  their power. It also leads to methods which maintain a dependence on that kind of healthcare, instead of promoting methods aimed at accomplishing the ultimate goal of all healthcare providers, which to make ourselves unnecessary - our work is really aimed at abolishing our own profession! 

We would appreciate your help, greatly!

We have opted for a lifestyle of voluntary simplicity ; a big part of our lives is guided by the "Recycle,  Reduce, and  Reuse" guidelines. We live and work by making good use of few resources, we have few expenses, and we try to remain very low on the social status scale. 
Every resource which comes our way which is not used to fill our own immediate personal needs such as shelter, food, clothing, transportation  (or, occasionally, cultural and educational needs),  is directly utilized in the healthcare of others in need, and is also used for our social and political projects in ways which are spiritually motivated, and ecologically sound. 

We ask that people who support our work give only according to ability
The biggest problem we face, is double- headed one: 
∑ people who have no money insist on giving us money, and they have a hard time accepting that there are there others who have large incomes and properties and who should be paying for all, while, 
∑ there are people who are swimming in money, who want to be in our care because itís "fashionable", and they donít want to hear anything about volunteer work, or donations. "Just  tell me how much,  and Iíll have to see if I can afford it", they say. 

Most individuals in our care fall somewhere in between. It might feel awkward in the beginning to try and figure out "what should I give them?", "will it be enough?". All these are very common worries and we all go through them in life, as we make the slow shift from world of profits and the market, to ways of the alternative community. 

We remind you that we are very  happy with anything you wish to donate to our work, whether itís money, food, clothes, medicines or use of facilities - we are very grateful for all forms of  help, and we will do our best to put it all to good use. 
Our only concern is that it should be a donation  that is comfortable to you according  to your financial means, you personal situations and circumstances -  no more!  And, if you are one of the persons who have access to a comfortable income or large property, we ask that you please give consideration to  the wider social responsibilities involved,  and to the moral satisfaction one accumulates by donating generously, being guided by having the needs of others in mind, as well. 

And weíre always happy to discuss any of this, especially  if it feels like itís new to you, or uncomfortable, or weird in any way, please tell us! 

For individuals or companies who pay taxes to the  glorious government of the United States, any donation you provide to us is tax-exempt. Please contact us for information, receipts, etc. 
For individuals living in the republic of Cyprus, we are still working to set up our status as a non-profit organization, and we would  be grateful for any volunteer help in that direction. 

Our needs:

Our greatest need (besides finances, of course), is for volunteer help, especially with secretarial office  skills, most specifically with computer typing. We are always in need for help with typing documents in both the hellenic and the english language. We seek this cooperation both from a distance (utilizing faxes and the internet) and from up close, within a close -working relationship with us.  Any arrangement is always very welcome! 

And there are always opportunities to go out for collecting herbs, preparing herbal and homeopathic remedies, cultivating medicinal plants, delivering food or supplies or messages to people in our care, preparing informational pamphlets or researching articles - the works! Itís all open and available to anyone who feels that their own life might be improved by helping to improve the lives of others. 

We are always very grateful to all of our benefactors who make our work possible, and to the volunteers, who choose to shoulder some of the work themselves for the mutual benefit of everyone  involved. And we are often asked to convey thanks from many of the persons in our care who have benefited over the years from your offerings,  who donít have the ways to thank you directly, especially since much of the donations are anonymous: 

Thank you, All !


Please feel free to contact us : 

Petros Evdokas
petros (at) cyprus-org.net 

Sue Scandale
sues (at) cyprus-org.net