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Street Medics
Please donate generously - everything you give us will enable Street Medic volunteers in Portland and elsewhere to keep serving our communities by providing first aid and medical care for injured and ill people in the context of Movement mobilizations and campaigns for social change, Peace and Justice.

We are grateful for all of your love and support - thank you!


Update, August 2012
We've disabled the Donations facility. The response from the community during the 2008 DNC and RNC emergencies was fantastic! With your help, we raised a lot of money that went for legal, medical and travel expenses for the Street Medic projects during those days, with special emphasis to helping our members who had gotten arrested, brutalized and abused by illegitimate authority.

Thank you!

If you need to get in touch with the team that handled fundraising during that period, please write to:

Petros Evdokas, petros@cyprus-org.net

or ttetpos@yahoo.com
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